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All the good stuff
without the bad stuff

Hi. I’m Wyatt and I’m Y Water’s 8-year old social media intern. Y Water’s corporate world headquarters (not as cool as it sounds) decided that the best person to talk about a kid’s drink was a kid. Sometimes grown-ups can be smart too.

All the good stuff:

  • Y Water tastes good. Kids love things that taste good, except Hailey B, I bet she likes to eat worms. Gross.
  • Y Water is USDA Organic which means it’s OFFICIALLY good for you.
  • Y Water is full of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. If you have to Google “electrolytes” that’s okay.
  • Y Water comes in a cool triangle package. You don’t want to be a square. It’s the perfect shape for a kid on the run, whether you’re running from evil robots, ninjas, or 3rd grade girls.
  • Y Water is low in calories and sugar. My mom says that when I have too much sugar, I’m “difficult.”
  • Y Water will give you super powers. *“Corporate” wants me to say that you probably won’t actually get superpowers. But who knows?!

Without the bad stuff:

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No bugs. No radioactive slime.
  • No microscopic robots that will do mind control stuff on you.

See? All the good stuff without the bad stuff. Y not!?


If you have any questions, ask me on Facebook and Twitter @DrinkYWater. I do all the tweeting until my mom makes me go to bed. That’s where we can discuss important things like “Bedtimes: Who Needs Them?” and “How to Take Your Hide-and-Go-Seek to the Next Level.”

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