How to Take Your Hide-and-Go-Seek to the Next Level.

We’ve all played hide-and-go-seek. You probably even think that you’re doing a good job. Maybe you are, but with these tips you will be able to take your hide-and-go-seek game to the next level. How do I know? I’ve been playing hide-and-go-seek since I could walk, so about 7 years.

I first became interested in the hide-and-go-seek game as a baby. I played a very early version of it that I like to call “peek-a-boo.” In this version your parents do most of the hiding. They are right in front of you and then boom, they’re gone. As fast as they disappeared, they’re back right where they were before. I remember thinking, “This game is amazing. Nothing can ever get better than this.” Little did I know that once I was walking the game would really change.

Here’s what you need to know to win at hide-and-go-seek:

When playing with parents:

  • You actually have more time to hide than you think. Parents just pretend to count. And yes, that’s technically cheating, but use this to your advantage. Take your time.
  • Skip the behind furniture hides and go for closets or behind doors for more full body coverage.
  • When you are the seeker, first check for parents’ feet behind curtains. This is their go-to hiding spot every time.

When playing with friends:

  • If it’s at your house, prepare hiding spots in advance. This is your home turf. Friends don’t know which closets are the best to hide in, but you do.
  • Keep an eye out for peekers. 1 in 5 kids today is a peeker. Be alert.
  • Use your parents. Tell them to tell your friends that you are in a completely different room than you are actually in. Some kids will believe anything an adult tells them.

When playing with your 6 year old sister:

  • This one is foolproof. Hide under your own bed. She’s afraid to check under there because of the monsters. Also, make sure to tell her that there are monsters under your bed.

I hope you find these tips helpful in not getting found. And remember to just have fun out there.

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