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What Valentine’s Day Cards You Should Give to Everyone in Your Class


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means. You have to get Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in your class. EVERYONE! Even Hailey B. Mom explained to me that the school makes you give a

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Golden Globe Picks from an 8-Year-Old

Golden Globe

Every 8-year-old is excited this time of year; it’s awards season! And first up are the Golden Globes. It’s true that I have never actually been able to stay up late enough to watch the Golden Globes, but that does

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Which Toy from the Islands of Misfit Toys are You?


Are you the Charlie in the box? Or the water pistol that shoots jelly? Take our Facebook Quiz “Which Toy are you from the Island of Misfit Toys?” to find out!

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Mind Your Own Business, Elf on the Shelf

elf on the shelf

The “Elf on the Shelf” is a very popular holiday tradition where your family “adopts” one of Santa’s elves. Your new family Elf’s job is to sit, watch your every move, fly back to the North Pole every night and

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Thanksgiving at the kids table: Etiquette

y water - thanksgiving

I’m 8 years old. This means that every year on Thanksgiving I sit at the kid’s table. Your parents will try to make it sound like the grown-up table is better. The truth is everyone wants to be at the

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What Your Halloween Candy is Saying About You

The Halloween candy you choose to give out to trick-or-treaters says a lot about who you are. In case you didn’t already know, here’s what each candy is telling us kids about you. 3 Musketeers You’re a middle of the

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Bed times. Who needs them?

Every night around 7:30 it’s the same routine. “Wyatt, it’s time to get ready for bed.” But I’m not ready for bed. Just because my parents are ready for their “quiet wine time” doesn’t mean that I am. I’m 8

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How to Take Your Hide-and-Go-Seek to the Next Level.

We’ve all played hide-and-go-seek. You probably even think that you’re doing a good job. Maybe you are, but with these tips you will be able to take your hide-and-go-seek game to the next level. How do I know? I’ve been

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